Why Augmented Reality Games would overtake Virtual Reality Games in less than 5 years.

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What is Augmented Reality? AR enhances the existing environment with an overlay of distinct features. A good example is Snapchat, just like the filters add cute eye lens to your face and make your skin brighter. Augmented Reality in gaming is much more fun, imagine doing the car race challenge in your neighborhood of Santiago […]

Becoming the world’s biggest NFT platform in 2021: Upland.me

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Within three months, Upland.me has gained more than 50,000 daily active users and secured its position, world’s biggest NFT platform, in the top 5 rankings of DApps, Decentralized Applications, such as dapp.com, State of the DApps, DApp Radar, and EGamers.io. About the Game This innovative game lets players build their dream house and earn UPX […]