Becoming the world’s biggest NFT platform in 2021:

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Within three months, has gained more than 50,000 daily active users and secured its position, world’s biggest NFT platform, in the top 5 rankings of DApps, Decentralized Applications, such as, State of the DApps, DApp Radar, and

About the Game

This innovative game lets players build their dream house and earn UPX coins or U.S. dollars by selling their NFT properties in a free and open marketplace. Since it was founded in 2018, Upland’s digital Metaverse has skyrocketed, hitting over 1 Million NFT Properties Minted by June 2021. is an NFT metaverse mapped to real-world addresses, where people worldwide can buy, sell and trade virtual properties. Among the blockchain community, it is also referred to as the “virtual Monopoly,” but if we’re realistic, Upland is much beyond that today. For example, you can visit New York City in Upland’s app to check who owns the virtual property where there in real life is the Rockefeller Center or The New York Stock Exchange, which were sold for $40,000 and $23,000 respectively. You might even be the next to bid yourself!

Each property in metaverse is a non-fungible token on the EOS blockchain, giving the users true ownership of their properties.  The game is currently available on the web, iOS, and Android App stores.  

“Our fast-growing community with thousands of members is key to us and of fantastic value. With all the initiatives that are ongoing and to be launched brand partnerships, we expect to grow our community even faster,” says – Dirk Lueth, Upland Co-founder.

Behind Upland’s Growth

As growth implies fast adaptations to constant challenges, having external experts for each type of strategy is essential to align business objectives with the most advanced and precise tools and up-to-date best practices.

For Upland’s growth, their App Marketing Agency Appvertiser played a vital role. Appvertiser is a team of User Acquisition and App Store Optimization experts who were able to induce 3x growth in the user’s base and increase their LTV, which led the company to increase revenue significantly.

Similar approach was made by adding to the strategy tech companies such as Bango audiences for a precise segmentation, Bidalgo for understanding what users prefer in creative perspective, and Adikteev for keeping up high engagement with users.

“With almost 6 million apps available in leading App Stores, standing out and getting discovered is one of the main challenges for app developers today.” – Says Hagop Hagopian – Appvertiser, Founder & CEO.

Behind the scenes for Upland’s incredible growth:
👉 Making sure UA efforts targeted the right KPI’s: identifying and selecting strategic tech companies was part of it in order to understand the performance of each traffic source and optimize accordingly.

👉 Creating awesome visuals: Careful analysis of the most suitable videos and banners for Upland’s targeted audience to ensure proper performance & optimization. When it comes to UA, high-quality visuals are a must.

👉 Testing campaigns: Growth requires constant improvements. For Upland, Appvertiser made goals clear and measurable from the very first day. Incremental performance was achieved by running campaigns and optimizing Twitter, Reddit, Apple Search Ads, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Google campaigns on a daily basis.

👉 Community engagement: Providing users to interact in a parallel universe similar to real life has allowed to provide a unique experience in the metaverse.  This has allowed the community to expand their knowledge and creativity around the blockchain NFT world and become world’s biggest NFT platform.

About, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company founded in 2018 by Dirk LuethIdan Zuckerman, and Mani Honigstein. It is a team of serial entrepreneurs with a strong background and good experience in the blockchain, fintech, and gaming industries. The enterprise’s mission is to create a market economy where real and digital worlds are blended into one, providing every kind of earning opportunity.

Veterans from the gaming, public relations, and blockchain industry support Upland: Kai Bolik, CEO and Co-Founder of GameDuellRiz Virk, Founder of Play Labs @ MIT; and Michael Terpin, CEO and Founder of Transform Group; and their leading investors are FinLab EOS VC Fund, FinLab AG, and Block. One & EOS VC.


About Appvertiser:
Lead by Hagop Hagopian, an ex-Jump Ramp GamesKabam, and Zynga; managing User Acquisition budgets of +$300 Million. Appvertiser is a Full-Stack Growth Marketing Agency specialized in Mobile Growth for apps through Strategy Designing, UA Execution & ASO.


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