Welcome to the Appvertiser Blockchain Accelerator Program

Last Day to Submit August 31, 2021

Appvertiser Selection Process 2021

The Appvertiser Blockchain Accelerator program consists of identifying highly scalable, internationally-diverse startups who are prepared for growth and investment.

Through this process, the Accelerator aims to analyze potential member companies’ founding team structure, the company vision, strategy, and plan for the next stage of their company growth.

Depending on each startup’s current business plan context & evaluation, the Appvertiser board members will evaluate and determine the range of seed investment to be allocated to five (5) founding member startups, with initial seed investments ranging from $10,000 USD to $150,000 USD. 

The goal of this seed investment is to improve global sales/marketing functions, help hit early term growth and revenue KPI’s, and prepare companies additional stages of  investment with leading VC’s in Silicon Valley.

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