iOS15: Upcoming Changes for Mobile Marketers

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Recently, at WWDC21, Apple announced some new features to be launched with iOS15 later this fall. It is clear to us that iOS15 will change the entire mobile marketing industry. According to Apple reports, they have opened up a new way to the App Store, focusing more on mobile applications. The latest features will allow […]

Why Growth Marketing, when we have Digital Marketing?

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In order to target the right customers, create brand awareness and make revenue, your business needs to use the right marketing mix. With many strategies and approaches, it is often hard and confusing to analyse and make a choice. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the major types of marketing and their differences. In this […]

iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork: The Best guide on how to survive

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It’s been about a month since Apple released its iOS 14.5 with major changes that generated a wave of stress and confusion among advertisers and app developers everywhere. Apple decided to create the new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, which makes a radical new change to the way the IDFA could be accessed and used […]

Prepare Your Business for iOS14 & IDFA Opt-Ins: Interview

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The beginning of 2021 has definitely been a game changer for all mobile app developers, mobile app advertisers and mobile app partners – since Apple’s announcement to implement the new iOS14 privacy guidelines and the opt-out by default of Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA).  If you’ve been following this topic closely over the last several […]

How Will Apple’s iOS 14 Release Affect your TikTok Campaigns?

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This post is part of our series of posts in which we discuss how the recent Apple’s new user privacy regulation for iOS 14 will affect advertisers and how they can prepare for it. In this post we explore in detail how TikTok will be impacted by the opt-out by default of Apple’s Identifier for […]

Latest Snapchat iOS14/IDFA Announcements

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In our recent articles we talked about how the privacy policy iOS 14 updates and the opt-out by default of Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) will affect advertisers and how they can prepare for it. As the different key mobile ad channels adjust to the mobile advertising disruption caused by the iOS 14 privacy policy […]

Apple’s Latest Changes: New Approaches to a Post-IDFA World.

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While Apple’s recent announcement of their latest iOS14 privacy policy updates have untied major debates within the tech giants in the industry, millions of app developers are still scratching their heads and wondering what’s next. Let’s face it: the advertising industry is changing. Moving forward, we face a significant challenge: developing new, alternative methods for […]

The Moment Is Here! Be Prepared For IDFA Changes Today.

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Learn about IDFA, its implications and action items you should take into account for its implementation.