How To Use Proximity Marketing To Make Your App Stand Out

How to use Proximity Marketing to make your app stand out

Have you ever been near a restaurant or a popular store? Then, ads about it pop up as you scroll through your phone. This is called proximity marketing, and I have to say it’s a very clever form to market your brand. This is an excellent way for marketers to target potential consumers based on their location.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing is a catch-all term used to describe any use of location technologies to directly communicate with users through their mobile devices. This can be quite an easy concept to understand once you get the hang of it. By uniting this with mobile apps, app marketers can easily connect the digital world with actuality. Categories that can take advantage of this include retail shops, e-commerce, delivery apps, social apps, and many others.

How can it be used

There are many different sensor technologies you can use to get this started. These include geofencing, beacons, WIFI, and near-field communication (NFC). If you want to try it out first and see how well it works, use beacons. These are very affordable, and they simply announce a unique ID. Although, they do work better with close proximities less than a meter. If you know this is something you want to get into, any of the others listed would also work fine.

Will proximity marketing still be used in 2023?

I see a very bright future for proximity marketing come the new year. Not only has it proven to be a great asset to small businesses worldwide, but it’s something that can be done from your fingertips. There is no doubt the internet will continue for decades to come. Not only do I believe it will go to 2023, but it may also get better as the years go by. Some apps that gained growth using this strategy include, but are not limited to, Saturday, PokemonGo, and Snapchat.


The app, Saturday, is an excellent example of proximity marketing. It helps you get in touch with people around your area. Are you new to town or away from home to pursue the university of your dreams and want to make friends? Saturday is the best way to go. It helps you see who’s around your area and con- nects you to people who are compatible with you. All groups contain private group chats and an activity feed to quickly meet up in real life. You don’t have to worry about making the first move in person because we all know how scary that can be.


PokemonGo is also a great user of this form of marketing. This game allows you to move around where you live or visit, and your cell phone vibrates, letting you know the pokemon nearby. They more than likely use the geofencing method. It allows detection of up to 100 meters or broader!


Snapchat allows you to connect with people from all over the world. Not only that, but you can also turn on your location. This allows your friends to see where you are in real-time and vice versa. Even if you don’t turn yours on, you’re still allowed to see those who do have it on.


As you’ve read, proximity marketing has many great outcomes. People mostly pay attention to ads and images that are sure to stand out, with roughly 65% comprising visual learners. So the more attention-grabbing, the better! This is something to keep in consideration when creating your ads. Who doesn’t like looking at appealing images that capture your attention?

With the right amount of dedication, your app can be the next best thing!