iOS15: Upcoming Changes for Mobile Marketers

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Recently, at WWDC21, Apple announced some new features to be launched with iOS15 later this fall. It is clear to us that iOS15 will change the entire mobile marketing industry. According to Apple reports, they have opened up a new way to the App Store, focusing more on mobile applications.

The latest features will allow up to three slots for testing pages and one default page for organic traffic. Furthermore, you will have 35 more storefronts for paid media. So from iOS 15 onwards, it is possible to optimize each part of the storefront, such as the icon, screenshots, preview videos, etc. by testing varieties of pages, therefore helping to boost the conversion rate of each user’s segment.

The second major change will dramatically affect Email marketing. To be more precise, it is about 2 new features, “Mail Privacy Protection” and “Hide My Email”. 

Our App Store Optimization Experts will expand on these and other changes, as well as some ways that may help you adjust to them. 

App Store Custom Product Pages

iOS 15 provides new ways to make your product page more relevant. By using custom product pages, it highlights different features and content in your app for each user group. Now it will be possible to optimize the product page by comparing the effectiveness of different visual factors to see what works best for you. As each version of the product page has its own unique URL, this feature is most useful for your app marketing outside of the App Store.

For example, say you own an online clothing store. With iOS15, you have the opportunity to promote your new line of dresses directly within the App Store, thereby always staying original and trendy in the eyes of customers.

Or think about it like this, if someone is looking for Italian food in a food delivery app and the screenshots they see offer images of Fettuccine Alfredo that looks delicious, they are far more likely to download the app because they want that delicious food. 

In short, if you direct users to your app from outside the App Store and you have too many features to highlight on one Product Page or any time-sensitive features then you should start designing customizable Product pages; perhaps not all the 35 pages allowed, but definitely a few to start you off!

The Future of Email Marketing

Starting September 2021, customers will be able to use a unique Apple alias instead of their emails when signing up for sites, hide IP addresses, and most importantly, Apple will no longer allow email tracking via Apple mail. The accounts of almost every Apple product user are opened on Apple mail, so this will have a big impact on the reliability of open rates as a key metric, and have a profound impact on the entire industry.

Primarily, a lot of campaign and automation workflows are going to be affected. Retention and re-engagement marketing, which depends on open rates as an engagement metric, is going to need to be updated.

Deliverability tracking, which ensures that emails reach their recipients, will be affected.

Moving beyond iOS 15’s disabling of open tracking, IP-based geo-segmentation will be useless as recipients now have the ability to hide their true IP addresses.

Some of these changes will feel scary at first, but you still have all the tools to drive ROI with your marketing campaigns. Thus, you do not need open rates to know how your emails are performing. The key to driving higher conversion still lies in using the right segmentation strategies, focusing on deliverability, and creating emails that are personalized and targeted to your subscribers’ needs. It is crucial to always remember that the ultimate target of your campaigns should be to drive a specific action and analyzing open rates is not the only way of doing that.

We understand that it’s a lot, and a lot of changes will be required from you at first—but it’s not as bad as it seems. The difference between a good and a bad marketer is not only the tools they use and their ability to operate under perfect conditions, but also the ability to adapt quickly to any new developments.

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