Over 22,000 Latin American Restaurants use Frubana’s App to Increase Revenue & Optimize Supply Chain

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Restaurants in Latam have become more economically sustainable by optimizing their supply chain through Frubana App, the new “Everything store” for restaurants.

Frubana began as a company that sold fruits and vegetables to restaurant owners. Today, it’s a wholesale marketplace that cuts out the middleman, offering everything restaurants need to operate. 

By integrating procurement into one seamless platform and offering competitive prices, accurate data, and top-quality ingredients, Frubana is fueling restaurant growth and transforming the industry. 

Fabián Gómez, Founder & CEO of Frubana and ex Rappi, learned the ins and outs of the market by opening the first operations of Rappi outside of Bogotá, expanding operations to Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. Today, instead of as an employee, he’s leading his own company’s growth in the same region as a CEO.

Asked about what Frubana means for the marketplace, Gómez shared: “We have more conviction than ever in our mission to make food more accessible in Latin America. We are achieving our mission by investing in technology that simplifies and optimizes the process of acquiring supplies for restaurants through our integrated platform.”

Despite the clear success, Frubana is just getting started. With a $65M Series B investment round under its belt, the company now plans to leverage data and technology to streamline a $100+ billion supply chain with 2 million total restaurant users. By providing restaurant owners with a seamless web and mobile app experience, they’ll be able to turn their focus to everyday operations and the quality of the diner’s experience. 

The latest investment round was led by Hans Tung, a partner at venture capital firm GGV Capital. In an interview with Forbes, he had this to say about the Frubana mission: “Frubana is about making sure that the distribution of food and products to restaurants is done as efficiently as possible. What’s interesting is that what they are supplying to restaurants could expand beyond food to more items over time. It’s very interesting to see what Frubana can become.”

During a challenging year for the restaurant industry, Frubana excelled. Focusing on a user acquisition strategy that targeted restaurant owners, the company grew its user base by 6x and tripled sales. “For better-performing user acquisition campaigns, marketing teams have to understand the complete sales journey and customer onboarding process—and how to measure every step. Beyond that, it’s essential for regional apps to adapt their wording, messages, and creative assets for each location,” says Gabriela Morales, User Acquisition Manager at Appvertiser, the marketing agency that led a 120% growth in user acquisition through WhatsApp campaigns for the brand. 

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About Frubana

Frubana is an app that acts as a wholesale marketplace for restaurant owners. It currently operates in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo, with plans to launch in Guadalajara. Their team, which has grown from 15 employees in 2008 to over 1,500 today, operates out of Buenos Aires. Try Frubana’s app for Android or iOS.

About Appvertiser

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