Taking Off: How Appvertiser Helped Airalo Soar to New Heights

Case study

From 976% increase in top Keyword Ranking to placing #1 in the Travel Category

The Challenge

Turning Dreams into Reality

Airalo is revolutionizing the way we travel by solving the headache of high roaming bills with access to 190+ eSIMs (Digital SIM cards) at affordable prices, making Airalo the world’s first eSIM store. But they aim even higher… so they teamed up with Appvertiser to make their dream of dominating the eSIM (Digital SIM Cards) world a reality. And, boy, did we deliver! We needed to dug deep in Airalo’s current Metadata, pinpointing the primary area we could focus on to make a significant impact: Keyword Optimization.

The Solution

Metadata Mastery

Our strategy was simple yet powerful. First, we performed an extensive metadata audit to get a thorough understanding of Airalo’s strengths, weaknesses, and untapped opportunities.

Then, our ASO team dove deep into keyword research to identify the strongest possible keywords for Airalo’s needs across various ASO applications.

The goal was to build an intrinsic association between Airalo and eSIMs for users by selecting keywords that would boost visibility and traffic for the keyword “eSIM.”

We carefully applied metadata into the chosen keywords, ensuring greater visibility and keyword rankings, and closely monitored and tweaked the metadata to guarantee accurate metadata when making alterations for even greater keyword ranking and visibility.

The Results

ASO Alchemy

Our efforts to boost Airalo’s visibility proved to be a  huge success across all targeted countries on the Appstore, Android, and Google Play Store.

Airalo’s growth figures since partnering with us have been astounding, with impressive results such as:

Placing #1 in the Travel Category Ranking on the Appstore, Android, and Playstore in Israel with a 1000%+ increase!

Seeing a 976% increase in top Keyword Ranking in Canada (Appstore) from 117 to 1259.

Climbing 58% of density in Top 1 Keywords in the US (Appstore), going from 21 to 50 top 1 keywords.

15 optimized countries, and counting…