The company that went from a Mixtape destination to become one of the most influential underground streaming apps around.

Case study

Hitting the #6 Rank in Android Play Store and #8 in iOS Appstore in the US.

Driving conversions by diversifying our UA efforts: Audiomack teamed up with Appvertiser to boost their User Acquisition strategies through FB, TikTok, Snap, ASA, Google Ads, Ironsource, Twitter, and Unity. The result? 18M Subscribers, 11M Monthly Active Users.

Their story

Narrowing the gap between an artist and their audience.

Audiomack brings together communities of artists, tastemakers, and labels to help fans discover new content that they may have never known about. Artists upload and share their music for free, and fans can discover new artists, songs, albums, mixtapes, playlists, podcasts, and more with free offline streaming on Audiomack’s iOS and Android apps. Audiomack has been used by some of the world’s most influential artists like Eminem, Tyga, and Migos to break chart-topping hits.

The challenge

Money Management Priorities

Being in an industry with one of the heaviest market share sizes, our challenge was making new artists heard. Also, surfing the wide release of AppTrackingTransparency along with iOS 14.5 in April was not an easy scenario.

The solution

CPI and CPA decresion objectives tattooed in our to-do lists

By continuously optimizing our running campaigns and overall user journeys, we achieved a cost-per-install decrease of 25%. We took the cost per action to the lowest level ever: $0,016, hitting the milestone of getting 11M users using paid ads.