Banking app that puts your financial mind at ease. Drive scale on emerging channels while meeting CPA and conversion targets.

Case study

From Unicorn to $4B Valuation to Going Public

Driving conversions by exploring new channels: Dave teamed up with Appvertiser to boost their User Acquisition strategies through TikTok, Snapchat, Apple Search Ads, and of course, Google Ads. The result? More than 10 million people are covering their bills via this unique Personal Finance App.

Their story

Creating financial opportunities for all the Americans

“Dave Banking Positioned To Become Fastest Growing Digital Challenger Bank In US Market” media was saying back in 2019. In August 2020, we partnered with them to make this statement reality. With the complete inclusion as their value proposition, Dave hit 173M+ of funding amount, grow their team to 200+ employees, and achieved the fact of being backed up by the well-known American entrepreneur, Mark Cuban.

The challenge

Money Management Priorities

Put everyone’s financial mind at ease with free overdraft cash, budgeting, and side gigs; it’s not easy stuff. Dave was aiming to reach more banking App users, increase registrations, and boost revenue. As the pandemic has changed people’s relationships with brick-and-mortar financial institutions, we have significant growth opportunities and significant competition challenges with large corporations. Our challenge was to think outside the box to constantly figure out new ways to decrease the CPI and CPI numbers.

The solution

Endless improvement

We work on acquiring many new users and keeping up their financial life on Dave instead of other financial apps and institutions on the market. We surf the competitive internet landscape by increasing/decreasing spend/ bid and optimizing different bid strategies like Lowest cost vs. Auto-bid vs. Max bid, always looking and texting new audiences, scaling from $120K to $2M monthly spend.