Empire Games

A Jackpot of Conversions, Visibility, and Cost Optimization

Their Story

Rising to Success in a Highly Competitive Vertical

Empire Games, a dynamic player in the gaming industry, embarked on a journey to establish their presence by launching Empire Bingo, an engaging real-money game. 

Their goal was to capture the attention of players in the highly competitive social casino and skill games market.

The Challenge

Navigating Competition and Budget Constraints

In the face of formidable rivals like Digit Social, Empire Games faced the challenge of competing with larger budgets and aggressive marketing campaigns. They sought to differentiate themselves in this crowded space and find an optimal strategy to achieve growth while operating within their financial constraints.

The Solution

Diversification and Strategic Partnerships

To diversify their offerings and appeal to a wider audience, Empire Games introduced Empire Blocks—a captivating block puzzle game with real-money gameplay. 

We strategically focused our efforts on Empire Blocks, leveraging its unique gameplay concept to stand out in a less saturated market compared to traditional bingo games.

Through extensive testing, we explored various user acquisition channels and partners. While the initial advertising strategy with Iron Source showed promise, it was needed to find alternative avenues to sustain and scale their growth. 

This led to experiment with Unity and Google Ads for iOS and other platforms, aiming to find the most effective channels for acquiring new users.

The Results

Driving Conversions, Improving Visibility, and Optimizing Costs

More than 70 creatives, +3 countries Soft Launched, and a decreased CPI from $10 to $4.

Empire Games witnessed a remarkable increase in their conversion rate, jumping from an initial 0.8 to 3.5. This exponential growth highlighted their ability to captivate players and convert them into active users.

Organic growth efforts proved fruitful as we conducted soft launches, gradually expanding their presence from Canada to the UK, Australia, and a significant portion of the United States. By implementing A/B testing strategies and optimizing their app store conversion rate, we successfully boosted organic user acquisition and conversions from UA traffic.

The focus on the depositor rate—the number of users making direct deposits—yielded positive results, enhancing their revenue generation capabilities.

By continuously refining the approach and leveraging metrics-driven insights, Empire Games has established a robust revenue stream in the gaming industry.