Winning Shot: The One-Month Success Story of GunsUp!

Case Study

Hitting 11% ROAS Jump and 1.6 CVR Rise with Appvertiser's Help

GunsUp!, a free-to-play action strategy game, faced the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive mobile gaming market.

To level up their user acquisition and beat the competition, the game’s team partnered with Appvertiser and unleashed a data-driven marketing campaign that took aim at various channels, including TikTok, Apple Search Ads, and Google Ads.

The Challenge

Standing Out in the Crowded Mobile Gaming Market

In a dog-eat-dog world, GunsUp! knew they needed to aim high to differentiate themselves from other games. Their goal was clear: lower CPIs in their Social Networks paid campaigns for T1 Markets and increase their App Store conversion rate. But how could they achieve this in a market where everyone is fighting for the same audience?

The Solution

A Data-Driven Marketing Campaign That Hit the Bullseye

Enter Appvertiser, the marketing sharpshooters who partnered with Guns Up! to create a tailored marketing strategy that took no prisoners.

By implementing advanced targeting and optimization techniques, they aimed to drastically lower CPIs, grow ROAS by allocating budget for VO campaigns on Facebook, which resulted in driving higher quality users, and identified the top states for Guns Up! through A/B testing.

They also leveraged various channels, including TikTok, Apple Search Ads, and Google Ads, to ensure their campaigns hit the mark with the right users at the right time.

The Results

Guns Up! + Appvertiser = Explosive Results

Thanks to Appvertiser’s deadly-accurate data-driven marketing campaign, Guns Up! hit the bullseye with explosive results.

The game’s Facebook D7 ROAS increased from 12.76% to 21.21% on Android, while the CPI for Google decreased from $8.97 to $6.28.

There was also an increase in total D1 ROAS from 13.31% to 15.18% and a total D30 Net ROAS of 24.63% on iOS. And that’s not all – through App Store Optimization, the game saw a 1.6X increase in total ranking keywords and a 1.6X increase in CVR on the App Store.

With Appvertiser on their side, Guns Up! managed to take the winning shot and hit their targets with precision.