Chat, Play, Succeed: The Winning Combination that led to Plato’s Keyword Rankings Increasing by over 400%

Case study

A Game Changing Strategy for Plato

The Challenge

A Quest for Presence

Plato approached Appvertiser with a vision to become the top app for real-time multiplayer gaming. Despite having a variety of 45 games available for users to play and chat, they were unable to reach their full potential due to a lack of visibility and downloads. We put on our thinking caps, and got to work. And spoiler alert, we crushed it.

The Solution

Winning the Game of Visibility

Our ASO team took a comprehensive approach to optimizing Plato’s ASO strategy. We analyzed their use of keywords and incorporated the most effective ones into the title and description.

At the same time, we identified critical elements to impress users with the app’s marketed qualities and reworked Plato’s screenshots to offer a simpler yet more targeted approach.

We also ensured the synergy of brand visuals and the assurance of Plato’s icon strength for the brand, resulting in a unique presence among competitors.

All these efforts led to highly effective app store visuals, catching users’ attention, maximizing conversion rates, and driving downloads.

The Results

From Zero to Hero

Our efforts paid off in spades. Since partnering with us Plato has experienced growth figures that are nothing short of remarkable:

44.9% increase in visibility score on Android and a 10.9%  increase on Apple.

422.7% total Keyword Ranking increase on Android
Visibility score growth from 76 to 84 on Apple devices and 65 to 95 on Android devices.

Great improvements on App Store Ranking on highly relevant and high traffic keyword and a culturally localized App Store page in Thailand for increased user engagement.