The Winning Move: How Appvertiser Helped Them Dominate the Warzone.

Their story

An Advertising Evolution

Playside is a leading game developer that created some of the most innovative and exciting games in the industry. Their portfolio includes the popular titles Dumb Ways to Die, LEGO Batman, Jumanji and many others.

They approached us to grow three specific games: Jurassic Warfare, Animal Warfare and Battle Simulator. These games take you back to the age of dinosaurs, allow you to build your army of animals, and pit different armies against each other. Very fun and different experiences.

They have always been committed to providing the best gaming experience to its users, and this is exactly where we came in.

The Challenge

Survival of the Fittest

Playside faced a challenging task of increasing user acquisition while maintaining the day zero ROAS goal. In the highly competitive gaming industry, with new games emerging daily, the pressure to survive was intense. The day zero ROAS goal for Battle Simulator was particularly daunting, pushing us to focus on not only acquiring users but also spending very efficiently.

The Solution

The T-Rex of Campaigns

Identifying the most effective channels for each game was the number one priority, testing new channels with one title before replicating the strategy for the other two games.

After extensive testing, we found that Google ads and occasional Applovin ads worked best for the three games. We also saved time and resources testing Facebook, which proved less effective in our efforts to boost performance.

Using this approach, we successfully doubled Jurassic Warfare’s performance and increased their day zero ROAS x2 more than the initial target.

We continuously monitored and tracked each campaign’s performance on a daily basis, making adjustments as needed to account for changes in algorithms and strategies.

Despite facing some challenges along the way, we overcame them by staying vigilant and adapting our strategies to meet the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

The Results

A Roaring Success!

Through our efforts, by lowering bids and scrutinizing spending, we were able to boost performance.

We successfully boosted the visibility score of Jurassic Warfare on app stores from a modest 30-40% to an impressive 70%.

We keep advancing on our goal of achieving a D0 ROAS for Animal Warfare with targets currently set at around 70-60% for iOS and 80-200% for Android. 

Additionally, our team produced compelling User-Generated Content (UGC) creatives for the advertiser side. These creatives continue to drive valuable installs, and many of our videos have even exceeded expectations and gone viral.