The only Virtual Property Game Built On The EOS Blockchain that allows players to trade virtual property for real money.

Case study

Becoming one of the most influential DApp in Worldwide Rankings

Driving User Acquisition and Engagement actions by knowing how to approach Upland’s user target through more than 12 channels at the same time: Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat, Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Unity, Mopub, Twitter Ads, Telegram, and Bing.

Their story

Developing the way of the future Real State market

Long story short: first, Upland adds the Marketplace, which allows Uplanders to buy and trade properties. Secondly, the Marketplace was complemented by the introduction of UPX, so users could also buy and sell using the in-game currency. Lastly, users can trade the crypto asset UPX for real money!

The challenge

Offering true ownership through NFTs

Powered by blockchain technology, Upland users own the properties that they collect. They can sell it. Trade it. Keep it forever. Our challenge was to take this huge value proposition to a 5’’ add that calls the attention of potential users….”Whatever you wish–it’s 100% yours!”

The solution

Campaigns betterment

We worked hard to create campaigns that make the complex technicalities of the new technologies easier to understand and drive to Upland the largest amount of users ever seen on Blockchain-based games. With more than 37K users, Upland.me has been maintaining its top 5 position in worldwide rankings of DApps, Decentralized Applications, such as dapp.com, State of the DApps, DApp Radar, and EGamers.io.