Why Augmented Reality Games would overtake Virtual Reality Games in less than 5 years.

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What is Augmented Reality? AR enhances the existing environment with an overlay of distinct features. A good example is Snapchat, just like the filters add cute eye lens to your face and make your skin brighter.

Augmented Reality in gaming is much more fun, imagine doing the car race challenge in your neighborhood of Santiago and drifting at every bend, or having an avatar play your favorite sport, like kick the ball at your home court, and then the avatar comes back to have lunch with you at the dining.

Incredibly, AR and VR have brought a revolution in the gaming world, which was once considered impossible. The gaming industry has displayed fast growth in recent years.

We talked with Arman Atonyan, Co-Founder and Chief Wizard at ARLOOPA (Leading Augmented Reality App and Creator Studio), to get more insights into the future of AR.

What are the expectations of the global augmented reality gaming market value to reach?

Globally, the game industry is worth $152.1 billion, it is predominated by Smartphone users who spend a maximum number of more than 4hours playing the games with their mobile and new gaming technologies. Augmented reality games are more exciting to play and as such expected to beat the record.

How is AR/VR determined to bring revolutionary changes in the gaming world?

Pokemon Go showed the effect of AR by becoming the fastest game to cross 1 billion dollars in revenue in less than a year, the other apps are up in their marketing strategies and with lots of responsive ads we see daily, AR/VR would rule the world.

What are the primary drivers for a Global Augmented Reality Gaming Market?

Facebook is already in the market of augmented reality with their recent launch of Meta. Meta services would include a marketplace where avatars can see and buy products. The gaming industry with an estimate of 3.24 billion gamers, and lucrative businesses making a total of $152.1 billion is a major driver for augmented reality games to rule the world.

What is the possibility that Augmented reality might not overtake Virtual?

Due to the processing power of mobile devices and smart glasses available, not all ideas can come to play. The content marketing aspect for AR is not on the bright side to make people buy the gadgets. However, Facebook and Apple with reputable names and strong marketing teams have the resources to influence buying decisions once they enter the market.

The takeaways;

-AR and VR have brought a revolution in the world and especially in the gaming sector: users will discover an entire virtual world replacing the real world controlled by their body movement.

-Emerging industry force: AR and VR are considered to seamlessly offer the most exciting emerging technologies on the planet for today’s life. The industries using AR and VR technologies are forecasted to achieve a targeted valuation of over Hit $766 Billion by 2025.

-Many gaming giants worldwide, such as NVIDIA and Sony, are investing heavily in the research and development of AR and VR technologies to reach those expectations.

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